Enterprises supporting Gicam

Enterprises supporting GICAM

We have thought of companies that:

  • are able to examine the effects of social responsibilities;
  • operate in an international market where the effects of their strategies are reflected in the countries and people with equal dignity, even if physically distant;
  • can provide financial resources in support of GICAM projects;
  • who want to communicate their choice to customers, suppliers and employees, because awareness is through the example that each economic entity is capable of giving.

How does it work?

By choosing one of our support options, you will be part of the initiative “Companies with GICAM” and you can:

  • qualify your image or with employees or with customers and generally with an audience of wider stakeholders, demonstrating a concrete commitment to a developing continent with the highest rate of pain problems, poverty and inequality;
  • reinforce the values and identity of the company, which will see increased his reputation and its visibility, recognition and credibility;
  • transferring to the company brand an international ethical reputation.
  • On our website, there will be a dedicated area to present our partnership and you will be informed and invited to all GICAM awareness initiatives.

Are you interested?

You can support GICAM with a contribution by bank transfer. You can request information by contacting us by email